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With over 25 years in the automation industry, Vipond Controls has a wealth of experience in project engineering for jobs both big and small. We provide full programming support for our hardware and use the latest software to better tailor our solutions to the needs of your project.

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Operation Technology

Client Engagement

You are the critical link to our success and we work closely with you to design our systems to best meet the needs of your company and industry.

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Strong Communication

Our communication and dedication to doing the project right are behind this fantastic track record.

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Consistent Standards

We design our systems to meet all relevant safety and technical specifications on a per-project basis to ensure accuracy and legislative compliance.

Integrated Project Management

Top Industries

Managing Canada’s Top Industries

Automated Engineering Services

Oil & Gas

From the wellhead to the sales pipeline, we know the ins and outs of the oil and gas industry.

Industrial Automation Services

Water & Wastewater

Controlling pumps, filtration systems and flow meters requires a deft hand. Let’s improve your water treatment facility together.

SCADA Integration


For automation, upgrading and more, trust us to deliver robust solutions for your manufacturing facility.

Operation Technology

Food & Beverage

Meeting the rigorous hygiene and quality standards of food processing is no problem for our team of experts!

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Take Advantage of Our 25 Years of Experience