OT/IT System Integration

Bridge the Divide With OT/IT System Integration

With the current integration of OT networks and IT systems, businesses need to stay on the leading edge. Our knowledge of OT system integration extends back to monolithic and integrated systems, which means that our expertise stands on the foundation of the IIoT and a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies.

Certifications & Experiences

OT Network

Remote Support

As an OT/IT service provider, we offer remote support to accommodate the requirements of our clients and ensure the continual operation of their key processes.

OT Network

Secure Data Integrity

Our OT system integration services are always backed by the latest OT security technology to ensure your assets, data and processes are safe from outside influence.

SCADA Integration

Reliable Network Optimization

Working with Vipond Controls means a continual commitment from a Canadian industrial automation company. We stand by our services and don’t stop until the project is running smoothly and reliably.

OT Security

Safety & Regulatory Compliance

We leverage operational technology to ensure the safety of your processes and compliance to the latest cybersecurity standards.

Integrated OT Services

Enhance the agility of your industrial system

Your industrial processes should work as effectively and efficiently as possible. However, achieving this goal requires a commitment to upgrades, improvements and critical assessment of your existing infrastructure. Working with Vipond Controls means that you have professionals dedicated to the successful integration of these concepts.

Automated Engineering Services
Automated Engineering Services

Improve operational performance & success

By digitizing complex industrial processes and integrating OT security methods into your existing infrastructure, we are capable of providing marked improvements to operational performance. Contact Vipond Controls to learn what our years of experience can do for your operations’ long-term success.

Reduce costs and increase overall productivity

Reducing the costs of your operations positively contributes to investor relations and often leads to better overall productivity. However, there is only so much humans can do, as some of the largest gains in these areas are only possible by installing redundancies within your network and replacing outdated systems. Always online. Always available.

Operation Technology

Rely on
OT System

Canada’s Industries Rely on OT System Integration

Automated Engineering Services

Oil & Gas

Implement solutions for controls, networking, cameras and security with us.

Industrial Automation Services

Water & Wastewater

Small improvements can play big parts in improving water and wastewater treatment plants.

SCADA Integration


Optimize your processes, remove redundancies from your system and improve your bottom line today.

Operation Technology

Food & Beverage

Let our OT solutions work for your food and beverage facilities. Contact us today!

Committed to Our Clients

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