Electrical Engineering

Enable Industry-Specific Solutions

We believe in providing excellent service that goes above and beyond for our clients’ needs. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to each project’s unique electrical engineering requirements. We provide electrical design, SCADA system integration, networking and programming services, and much more.

Certifications & Experiences

Electrical Engineering Companies Calgary

QA/QC Support

The QA/QC process takes determination and effort to deliver quality products.

Electrical Design

Documentation Control

We believe that in-depth documentation, reporting and planning are essential to delivering a quality product that we can be proud of.

SCADA System Integration

Process Facility Optimization

Improving processes starts with utilizing the current capabilities of your system, which is how we approach optimizations for facilities both big and small.

OT Security

Safety & Regulatory Compliance

Adherence to specifications, regulations and standards is our business. As a COR-certified company, we design solutions with safety as a priority.

Electrical Engineering Services

Maintain standards through QA/QC processes

Quality control may seem like a more recent concern in certain industries. For us, though, it has always been a central focus. As electrical engineers with over 25 years in the field, we’ve been around long enough to know you must build quality into your systems.

Industrial Automation Services
Automated Engineering Services

Access scalable services for any project

We can provide turnkey systems or work with you to develop the right system for the needs of your business. We are an electrical engineering company in Calgary that believes the right fit is scalable, accessible and purpose-built to deliver effective results.

Streamline processes for greater consistency

As an industrial automation company in Canada built by people who care deeply about the quality of their work, Vipond Controls is perfectly situated to provide support for streamlining your current processes or designing efficient and consistent systems from scratch.

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Automated Engineering Services

Oil & Gas

From a project’s start to its finish, Vipond Controls is your source for oil and gas electrical engineering services.

Industrial Automation Services

Water & Wastewater

We have the right solutions for controlling complex and interconnected systems, like those in water treatment facilities.

SCADA Integration


We provide planning, implementation and maintenance services for manufacturing facilities.

Operation Technology

Food & Beverage

To see how we can help with your food and beverage processing facility needs, contact us today!

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