Remote Support

We offer a help desk service designed for process control. An operator can call our help desk, we can remotely access your system, then help assist in the resolution of the problem. We can quickly answer questions like 'why won't my valve open?' or 'why won't my pump start?'

We have technology that will allow us to access your field radio system from our office via the internet, so we can communicate with your field personnel via your own radio system. An operator can be inside a well shack or a compressor building and still communicate with our help desk.

We have a state of the art issue tracking system. We and our customers can track support phone calls and email requests. A customer can log into our web site and see the status of the support request, add new information, and chat with our support technicians.

Our customers can search our issue tracking system to see if the issue has occurred before and how it was fixed. Over time, a complete knowledge base is created around the customer's facility. This makes training new operators and technicians much easier because they can search our issue tracking system to see if the problem has occurred before, and how to fix it.

Our remote support service includes a site audit. We compile all the necessary documentation required to support the facility remotely. We gather all the drawings, and take backups of the control system. We then store this information in a document management system. We and our customers can log into our web site and search the document management system to find all the documentation related to a facility.

Our remote support service includes a secure remote access connection into the customers facility. This can be done in many ways. We can log into the customer's network using an encrypted connection, or we can install a wireless device to gain access into the system. Security is paramount, and we have a number of techniques to make sure our connections are secure.

When necessary, we will also virtualize the facility's graphics front end. This will create a complete working copy of the graphics system running on one of our cloud servers. We can then test out changes, or new OS service packs, before they are implemented on the real system.

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