Wednesday, March 03, 2021
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Case Studies

Problem: Remote Support

Frank is a field operator somewhere in northern Alberta. He can't get his well to reset and doesn't know why. Frank calls a Vipond Controls support technician in Calgary. The technician can remotely connect to the well's RTU that Frank is having trouble with, and tell Frank that the reason he can't reset his well is because the water storage tank level is reading high. Frank tells the technician that the water tank was just emptied, so the problem must be with the tank's level switch. Frank then asks the technician to bypass the switch inside the RTU until he can get someone out to the site to fix it. Once the technician bypasses the switch the well is able to be reset and Frank can get his well flowing.

Problem: Well Optimization

John is a production technologist who lives and works in Calgary. John is having problems keeping some of his Grande Prairie area wells from loading up with liquids, and would like to install a well optimization strategy. He calls a Vipond Controls programmer and discusses his optimization ideas. The programmer connects to the RTU from his Calgary office, installs an optimization program in the RTU, and updates the HMI screens that both John and John's operator use to monitor the well. Because John can see and trend the well's flow rate from his office, he can fine tune the well's optimization parameters to maximize the wells production. John is now happy because he can optimize his well and he didn't have to pay for a programmer to travel to the well site to install the optimization program.

Problem: Regulatory Compliance

Sally is a plant manager at a gas plant in central Alberta. She is seeing more and more requirements for electronic submission of the plant's regulatory data. She call's a Vipond Controls programmer who works with Sally to automate the electronic submission of her plant's CEMS and S30s.

Problem: Don't Have the Expertise

John is a project manager for an engineering company and is working on a big project. John's problem is that he can't find the expertise required to perform the control system integration. John hires Vipond Controls to perform the work and both companies work together as a team. John is happy because he now doesn't have to worry about the control system integration, and John's client is happy because they know that Vipond Controls has the depth of knowledge required to integrate the control system into their larger process control infrastructure.

Problem: Small Control System Changes

Ron is an area foreman in northern Alberta. After a safety incident, Ron decided to add H2S monitors to several of his well sites. Ron calls a programmer at Vipond Controls to add this programming into the existing site controllers. Because all of Ron's SCADA equipment is networked and designed for remote support, it is easy for a programmer to add these new H2S monitors into Ron's SCADA system. Ron is happy because he was able to add these new H2S monitors quickly with little expense.

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  • Vipond Controls is pleased to announce that they are now Certified System Integrators for VTScada Software.

  • Vipond Controls is pleased to announce that they are now Certified System Integrators for Ignition SCADA Software.


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